What are my start-up costs?

You only need an $18,000 investment and a vehicle to start your business.

Everything you need is included in your initial franchise fee:

  • Putting the Husse logo on your car.
  • Franchise manuals, business cards and promotional brochures.
  • Product samples.
  • Clothing and hats.
  • Promotional tent and banners.

We even provide you with an initial product inventory, worth $3,000, so you can start growing your business immediately.

The fee also includes training for two people in our franchise system. You’ll learn about:

  • Pet nutrition.
  • Husse products.
  • How to set up your web store.
  • Sales and marketing, and more…

Please be aware that, like any other business opportunity, you will need some extra funds to support yourself while your business becomes profitable.

Once you have chosen your desired territory and paid the franchise fee, your master franchise will schedule your initial training session and get you started.

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